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Find the Best Home Insurance Options in Georgia

If you have a home, you need to have home insurance to protect your investment. Because your situation changes, you should check your plan on an annual basis, to ensure that you are still adequately covered. You might find that changing home values has increased your need for a policy, or that you have purchased a high-ticket item and need more money to cover the contents of your home. Whatever your situation, we can help you find the best rate available.

Hazards To Insure Against

While many high-profile hurricanes like Katrina have bypassed Georgia in recent years, Georgia is still vulnerable to hurricanes, especially near the coast. Your policy may not automatically cover damage caused by hurricanes, wind, or floods caused by hurricanes. Because hurricanes can cause such devastating loss, you want to make sure that you are insured against a hurricane, or the damage that a hurricane can occur. Deductibles for hurricane damage are generally higher than deductibles for other types of damage. Many providers do not provide flood insurance. The FEMA web site has more information about the National Flood Insurance Program. As you search for competitive rates, keep in mind that your quote covers damage that can occur from a hurricane. Earthquakes also often have to be insured for separately.

What Does a Homeowner's Policy Usually Cover?

There are many components to a well-funded plan. When people think of own insurance, they usually think about the dwelling. However, the other parts of homeowner's policies are just as important. Home insurance will cover other structures on your property, like a garage. You also need to insure the contents of your home. Loss of use coverage will help pay for the additional expenses that you will incur in the event that damage to your house occurs and you are unable to use your home while it is being repaired. Personal liability protection protects you against lawsuits, such as if your dog bites your neighbor, or a robber trips over a toy during a burglary attempt and breaks his leg (stranger things have happened). Medical payments help you if someone is hurt on your property and doesn't want to sue you. When you sign up for a homeowner's policy, make sure that you are adequately covered in each of these areas.

What We Do

We can help you find the best pricing estimates to match your unique situation. We have several partners that provide coverage in the state of Georgia. In order to receive free quotes, all you have to do is fill out our simple form. We will be able to provide you with several quotes. You will be able to choose the option that works best for you.